Issue 2: Curious

Last Summer I made Issue One ('Candid') of my magazine: Lippy Kids!
Now, I am delighted to announce that I am opening up submissions again to produce another issue which I will be working on in the Summer, this time with my sister, Namhara.

Namhara and I have been thinking long and hard about a theme which is open, and relevant to the times and lots of people, so we have made a decision on 'Curious' as the title. Our personal goal is to celebrate young curiosity and the exciting possibilities that come with being open minded in the next issue. We'd love to receive a variety of content: no matter how whacky and wonderful.

Always with our work we try to be representative, but most of all to make the content of the magazine interesting and thought provoking, so it's challenging teenagers to think outside the box and perhaps learn something new from other young people. Last Summer, I had a fantastic response, and it would be a dream to witness that again by receipt of your great submissions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and expanding the incredibly talented Lippy Kids community.


If you think you have something to offer as a submission - no matter how big or small - please email:

Also, don't hesitate to contact us on Instagram:

Editor: Hermione Byron- @hermionebyron

Art Director: Namhara Byron- @namhara

NB: Not all submissions can be used, and unfortunately we can't fund the giving out of free copies, even if you are a key contributor. 


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