A Gucci Wonderland

Once upon a dream... I arranged an event at my school where my friends brought all the spring vibes to a very special teaparty. Dressed in clashing florals and improbable fabrics, the event was an homage to Gucci, the forward thinking brand currently leading fashion into a whole new world.
Since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of the brand in 2015, he has stood out in the fashion industry as not just a business man, but a true artist. Always striving to make fashion interesting and thought-provoking, Michele takes inspiration from the past such as Dutch or Renaissance paintings and modernises his designs with the likes of futuristic square-framed glasses and even alien masks. Could you get any more legendary? 👏

The mix of old and new is curious  –and so were my friends' definitions of it. Swapping and changing clothes at the back of the hall, we all reinvented ourselves numerous times; Or shall I say, since it's now been made a verb, GUCCIFIED?!!! The pastel pink tulle skirt passed around the room was definitely a favourite and a salute to the bizarre world of the brand.
Our school assembly hall was unrecognisable on the night. We had a red carpet runway down the centre and tables decorated with heaps of mismatched china. It felt like being at the film awards, at the same time as being seated at the Madhatter’s teaparty. Whilst all of us were watching the Gucci film clips on the projector, we devoured delicious cupcakes adorned with playing cards, pocket watches and tophats made of icing. It was mad to say the least. But all the more fun! We danced into the night with all the funk classics playing... yes, we like to groove, yes, we like to boogie...

Photos by Willa Bury (💚)


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