Visiting Vogue House

Rising up out of the underground, at first, wasn't the most welcoming experience: with no mobile data and just a little pop-out map to hand, I had to navigate through the teaming metropolis to reach my destination -Vogue House.

Having been invited by Tatler just a few weeks before, I was really excited yet had few expectations of what the day might be like, but entering through the spinning door to a large gold reception desk was like landing in a majestic tardis. Upstairs, I met about forty candidates from other schools and was introduced to the Tatler team. Then the Editor, Kate Reardon appeared and after a briefing on what we'll have to write for the magazine, declared us all 'Tatler's School journalists'. To hear her say these words was so inspiring.
Later Kate's assistant took us on a tour of the oldest publishing house in Britain: starting at the first floor where GQ magazine is put together, then making our way up through the floors to Conde Nast traveller, Tatler and finally Vogue. Each floor, painted white and furnished with equally white desks created a bright and tidy atmosphere, although what was most interesting was the colourful array of people sitting at the desks writing and typing away to produce the glossy copies you see in the newsagents. People who work here are not just sensational journalists, but also live up to the publishing house's reputation: very chic. To see behind the scenes of such an iconic place and to walk the corridors, clogged with racks of designer clothes and the largest suitcases I have ever seen, was such a dream.


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