Issue 1: Candid (note from me)

  1. 1.
    truthful and straightforward; frank.

    "her responses were remarkably candid"

    synonyms:frankoutspokenforthrightbluntopenhonesttruthfulsinceredirectstraightforwardplain-spokenbluffunreserveddownright, not afraid to call a spade a spade, straight from the shoulder, unvarnishedbaldMore
  2. 2.
    (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.

    "it is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots"

  1. I'm super excited to announce 'Candid' as the first issue of the magazine, which I'll hopefully get published once I've got enough submissions. I chose to call it this because I've always believed in being truthful about what you think and taking natural, not overly set up photographs. I was drawn to the word/ theme because it explodes with the allure of youth, expressiveness and carefree chaos...

Magazine will probably be out early Autumn.


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