From Donegal to Paris, and all the things which happened in between.

Where do I begin? This Summer has been totally crazy: I've travelled to Donegal and to Paris, become an ambassador for Botanics, GCSE's are finished forever, and most excitingly I've been making a magazine!       
Our Donegal holiday was so peaceful because we stayed in a remote cottage among grassy hills and sand dunes on the coast. There was no wifi and very few tourists, so it was pretty quiet and at times I felt a little isolated, but it was literally so fun. I got to read loads of books which I usually don't have time to read, and when I went exploring across the rocks with my camera I walked so far that before I knew it there was no longer anybody in sight for at least 200 metres, so I took this opportunity to sing REALLY loudly listening to my voice echo across the bay.
One night, the sky became so pink. It was so surreal.

Our cottage at sunset
My bed which I decorated with bunting

Since I discovered i-D and Dazed three years ago, I always spend the Summer reading TONS of magazines. Most of the magazines I read are a bit radical and they always interview super cool people such as Adwoa Aboah. :) By making my magazine, I want to help keep print media alive because actually reading about people and and not just following them on Insta is really interesting and through them you can discover really cool underground or up-and-coming stuff.

Here's an old photo of the Dazed Spring issue which I've reread about 5 times.

Becoming an ambassador on Instagram isn't something I ever really thought would happen to me. Previously, I never thought I wanted to turn my creative platform into something commercial, but when Botanics messaged me I was so excited because their relaunch looked really cool and their products are all eco and plantbased (YEEYY!). 

Because I have to promote their stuff now, I am going to being taking loads of photos with flowers and in Botanical gardens. They didn't ask me to do this, but I thought it would be fun!

Me: the gardener gal in her staple dungarees.

Flower fairy

Some French books I've been dipping in and out of this Summer

Paris~ the most beautiful city. I know that sounds cliche to say that, but I truly think it. The reason why I love it so much is because of very simple things: it's a very slow moving city and everyone is so relaxed and content just passing away the hours sitting in cafes with their little Espressos watching others move gently around them; it's also the place where many of my idols have lived probably  because of their same fascination for the effortlessly beautiful city.

As I stayed with my friend, Caly who lives in Paris, I was able to see Paris from a more native perspective which was so dreamy. She took me to this really cool abandoned railway track which has become a hotspot for graffiti and wall art only known among Parisians. This was somewhere in the outskirts beyond the 18th arrondissement I think, but I can't remember how we got there now. 

Caly (and our initials)

 I would definitely recommend a trip to Shakespeare and Company on the Rue de la Bucherie when you're next in Paris. It's not actually the original one which Hemingway and Joyce haunted, but the artistic, Bohemian vibe is still omnipresent. And, (if he's there) get a tarot reading from the American guy shod in brogues sitting outside it with a cigarette in his hand. He's really cool and it's funny to listen to him try and guess your future. Also, the Jardin des plantes is so beautiful for a quick walk before sitting down for some yummy mint tea behind it in La Grande Mosquee.
The Montmartre view of Paris

On my last day, Caly and I cycled to Montmartre in the sweltering sun. We climbed to the top of a hill to the Sacre- Coeur which is a stunning building, but it was so busy, so we got lunch down a by street away from the crowds. After eating a couple of the complimentary sweets in the restaurant, we lazily walked back to the metro, leaving the music of a squeezebox playing behind us.


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