Issue 2: Curious

Last Summer I made Issue One ('Candid') of my magazine: Lippy Kids! Now, I am delighted to announce that I am opening up submissions again to produce another issue which I will be working on in the Summer, this time with my sister, Namhara.
Namhara and I have been thinking long and hard about a theme which is open, and relevant to the times and lots of people, so we have made a decision on 'Curious' as the title. Our personal goal is to celebrate young curiosity and the exciting possibilities that come with being open minded in the next issue. We'd love to receive a variety of content: no matter how whacky and wonderful.
Always with our work we try to be representative, but most of all to make the content of the magazine interesting and thought provoking, so it's challenging teenagers to think outside the box and perhaps learn something new from other young people. Last Summer, I had a fantastic response, and it would be a dream to witness that again by receip…

A Gucci Wonderland

Once upon a dream... I arranged an event at my school where my friends brought all the spring vibes to a very special teaparty. Dressed in clashing florals and improbable fabrics, the event was an homage to Gucci, the forward thinking brand currently leading fashion into a whole new world. Since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of the brand in 2015, he has stood out in the fashion industry as not just a business man, but a true artist. Always striving to make fashion interesting and thought-provoking, Michele takes inspiration from the past such as Dutch or Renaissance paintings and modernises his designs with the likes of futuristic square-framed glasses and even alien masks. Could you get any more legendary? 👏

The mix of old and new is curious  –and so were my friends' definitions of it. Swapping and changing clothes at the back of the hall, we all reinvented ourselves numerous times; Or shall I say, since it's now been made a verb, GUCCIFIED?!!! The pastel pin…

2017: From Gurls Talk to Model of the Year

 Even though I've always felt that being yourself and embracing who you are is one of the most important things, I always used to feel slightly anxious about expressing myself at school. It was during this time that I discovered Adwoa Aboah and her Gurls Talk campaign in i-D magazine.
After raving about her in an essayI was so excited about the Gurls Talk campaign that I contacted Adwoa asking her to give a talk at my school. We had to write about someone who inspired us and nobody in my English class knew who my inspirational person was. I explained that Adwoa was an H&M model, had done a bit of work with Calvin Klein and was starting a feminist campaign as a result of surviving a very close suicide attempt. Despite some doubts from a few of my classmates about how incredible she was, I was sure that she was doing something interesting and revolutionary.

A month later, Adwoa actually came to my school. I had put sign up sheets all over school, yet despite my closest friends a…

The Land of the Pomegranates

The two weeks leading up to Christmas, my friend Willa and I were not hotfooting around Oxford street, no! Granada was our destination and an intensive Spanish course our agenda. (Yes, our parents made us stay in separate homestays too.) As they say, the only way to properly learn a language, is to go to the country! So off we went: having trekked through thick snow with our suitcases, ran through the whole airport terminal with ten minutes before take off, we luckily caught our flight to the land of palm trees and pomegranates.  It sounds exotic, but really it was freezing. Everyday we had classes with people from all over the world, all trying to speak Spanish to each other and all clad in thick puffas Eskimos would wear, around a large desk. Lessons weren't conventional in the sense that we sat down and wrote for hours. No, it was more like a constant game of charades: To explain what a cucaracha (a cockroach) was, we had mummy impersonations, screaming and our teacher performed…

Visiting Vogue House

Rising up out of the underground, at first, wasn't the most welcoming experience: with no mobile data and just a little pop-out map to hand, I had to navigate through the teaming metropolis to reach my destination -Vogue House.
Having been invited by Tatler just a few weeks before, I was really excited yet had few expectations of what the day might be like, but entering through the spinning door to a large gold reception desk was like landing in a majestic tardis. Upstairs, I met about forty candidates from other schools and was introduced to the Tatler team. Then the Editor, Kate Reardon appeared and after a briefing on what we'll have to write for the magazine, declared us all 'Tatler's School journalists'. To hear her say these words was so inspiring. Later Kate's assistant took us on a tour of the oldest publishing house in Britain: starting at the first floor where GQ magazine is put together, then making our way up through the floors to Conde Nast traveller…

CANDID -it's out!

Thank you so much for contributing everyone. Due to an overwhelming amount of submissions, I am sorry to say that not all of your contributions will have been put into the magazine. I have tried my hardest to put a varied assortment of things from people across the world in order for it to be representative and unique.

I'm so grateful to each and every one of you for spending time and being so amazing and enthusiastic.
I also hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Here's the link to buy it:
Magazine link

Also, there is a discount code of 25% off available until the 16th of October, so make use of that while you can! It's MAGFAM25.

So much love and hugs,

From Donegal to Paris, and all the things which happened in between.

Where do I begin? This Summer has been totally crazy: I've travelled to Donegal and to Paris, become an ambassador for Botanics, GCSE's are finished forever, and most excitingly I've been making a magazine!        Our Donegal holiday was so peaceful because we stayed in a remote cottage among grassy hills and sand dunes on the coast. There was no wifi and very few tourists, so it was pretty quiet and at times I felt a little isolated, but it was literally so fun. I got to read loads of books which I usually don't have time to read, and when I went exploring across the rocks with my camera I walked so far that before I knew it there was no longer anybody in sight for at least 200 metres, so I took this opportunity to sing REALLY loudly listening to my voice echo across the bay. One night, the sky became so pink. It was so surreal.

Since I discovered i-D and Dazed three years ago, I always spend the Summer reading TONS of magazines. Most of the magazines I read are a bi…

Issue 1: Candid (note from me)

1. truthful and straightforward; frank.
"her responses were remarkably candid"
synonyms:frank, outspoken, forthright, blunt, open, honest, truthful, sincere, direct, straightforward, plain-spoken, bluff, unreserved, downright, not afraid to call a spade a spade, straight from the shoulder, unvarnished, bald; More